Who are our investors?

Global Health Impact Fund (GHIF) is a Strategic Venture Capital Investment Network. Our investor-focused model invests exclusively on behalf of our clinician and healthcare professional investor network. We provide an opportunity for these professionals to participate in a diversified portfolio of early-stage healthcare technology companies. These businesses are revolutionizing the healthcare industry, but the vast majority of clinical professionals are simply observers to changes that will upset their practices and worldview. GHIF offers a potent alternative to that scenario. Our network isn’t a passive investor base – GHIF investors will directly help shape the technological cutting edge as executive advisors to the Fund. We care not just for your investment, but also for your opinions and participation. Our typical prospective investment will be seeking between $250K and $2M in capital. For businesses looking for more than $2mm in capital, we have the flexibility to co-invest alongside other strategic venture partners who meet our standards for commitment to healthcare improvement.

Where does GHIF invest?

GHIF’s mission is to deploy capital in early-stage healthcare companies that thrive at the intersection of purpose, profit, and innovation. Our ideal investment is in a healthcare technology team looking for $500k-$5mm in capital who can leverage our fund network’s expertise and vast industry relationships to accelerate growth of their company. These firms are prominent in every aspect of hospital and office-based care, as well as telemedicine.  When GHIF invests, we request at least one formal seat on the board of directors of the invested firm.  From that position, we ensure that the invested firm’s management seeks, acknowledges and pays attention to input from our executive advisors—that is, from you!

What does GHIF offer for companies?

GHIF presents a team of Principals with over seventy five years of experience in business and healthcare. Our client firms gain access to support resources and business development opportunities through our network of alliances. Through these connections and yours, when you join us, we make it possible for competent solutions to achieve faster adoption. As our clients grow, so does your GHIF portfolio value. We work hand-in-hand with our client management teams to build successful scalable business and revenue models. When our successful clients exit or are otherwise acquired, we all realize a quantum increase in financial and practice value.