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Elemeno Health brings state-of-the-art clinical guidelines and findings to the bedside point of care for physician and nursing intensivists. Information that  is fragmented or silo-ed in one or a few locations is integrated on a unique platform that practitioners can call up in real time.

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Recent News

April 5th 2020

Impact Investments Rise Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Investors who care about creating a positive impact for society have been stepping up to finance companies directly involved in addressing the coronavirus pandemic and to make sure others doing important work have the cash to keep going, according to ImpactAssets

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March 27th 2020

Preparing Our Teams For Coronavirus : A Better Way

Communication and training are key to keeping our front line caregivers safe and effective during the COVID-19 crisis, and in the era of social distancing our guests today may have a solution that actually works.

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March  2020

Empower Staff, At the Point of Care

Equip, inform, and protect your frontline teams. Keep them on top of rapidly
changing COVID practices, so patients are safer, and staff are secure.

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March  2020

Rapid COVID Readiness for Frontline Teams

Customizable cloud solution keeps staff on top of constantly changing COVID practices

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Singing River Health System Partners with Elemeno to Provide Superior Patient Care & Workforce Development 

Singing River Health System is the first in the Gulf Coast to join forces with Elemeno Health to implement an exclusive cloud-based solution for front-line care teams at Ocean Springs and Pascagoula Hospitals.