Global Health Impact Fund is an early stage, strategic venture capital fund providing an opportunity for medical clinicians to invest in the leading edge of healthcare technology.

Failure to perform appropriate hand hygiene is a leading cause of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), and nearly 2mm patients suffer from HAIs annually. This adds an estimated $40 billion annually in incremental treatment costs. Hangenix Solutions has developed a data-management system for automated monitoring of hand hygiene protocols at medical centers to track and encourage behavioral adherence to protocols.


Sensifree has developed a continuous, noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring solution, based on their proprietary NEST (Noninvasive Electromagnetic Sensing Technology) platform. Their first product has beat-to-beat, cuff-less BP, in a reading and waveform display as accurate as an invasive arterial line. As the lead investor, GHIF partnered with Samsung’s Venture arm and Translink Capital to fund Sensifree to their FDA submission.


Elemeno simplifies hospital best practices into concise, just-in-time learnings at the point of care. The team, led by Dr. Arup Roy-Berman, has built a SaaS-based platform for healthcare teams to easily access their institutions’ best practice guidelines, up-to-date checklists, and how-to videos. Social and gamification elements included in the platform enable frontline teams and management to give each other recognition and hold friendly departmental challenges. 

Raydiant Oximetry has developed a safe and non-invasive technology fetal heart rate monitoring system that directly monitors a baby’s oxygenation during birth. The technology directly determines the fetal oxygen level using a safe, external, single-use sensor that complements existing fetal Doppler and integrates seamlessly into the current monitoring system. Once approved by the FDA, we expect it to become the standard of care for fetal monitoring during childbirth. 

Somnoware has built a unified SaaS platform for respiratory healthcare management that reduces cost and improves outcomes. They automate the diagnostic workflow, integrate data from 150+ devices/software systems, and provide predictive analytics to care providers. Their platform has shown a 44% reduction in diagnosis time and 19% improvement in therapy adherence. 

Plethy is a joint care solutions company that has built a platform to drive patient adherence and empower people to manage their join care at home. Plethy delivers a cloud-based care management platform that reduces costs for physician groups and hospitals while increasing revenue per patient across both pre- and post-surgery stages of care. 

Uberdoc is a direct-pay healthcare marketplace where consumers can schedule and pay for quality health care at a set price online using their HSA or credit card and is focused on the self-insured corporate market. According to a recent report, 50mm workers and their dependents receive benefits through self-insured group health plans, representing 33% of the 150mm total participants in the private employment market.


GHIN is  building a robust global health professional driven network of communities across professions and specialties.

Global Health Impact Network (GHIN) is the place where Healthcare Professionals collaborate on the future of Digital Health Innovation.

We’re a global community of like-minded healthcare professionals who share a common vision “empower healthcare professionals to actively participate in shaping the evolving digital healthcare revolution.”


The HandzIn collaborative platform is focused on Digital Healthcare Innovation. Handzin has branded itself as the go-to work collaboration tool for non-federated organizations.

HandzIn creates workspaces for teams, groups and partnerships.  

All data and information is protected and there’s no mining of private data

Elucid Bio is a Boston-based medical technology company using AI to provide physicians with a cost-effective means to optimize treatment decisions for patients with known or suspected cardiovascular disease. The company’s vascuCAP® software is the first tool to quantify atherosclerotic plaque against histology, deliver key arterial measures, and provide 3D visualization to inform risk of event: stroke or heart attack. vascuCAP’s unique information informs better treatment decisions by physicians, leading to better patient outcomes at a reduced cost of care. vascuCAP is available for commercial use in the U.S. and Europe.